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Water Management

The protection, conservation, and optimization of water resources

With 99% of the world’s water being either salt water or locked in polar icecaps,1 it is important to conserve and protect the water that is available for human consumption. In the natural water cycle, rainwater is absorbed into the ground to recharge aquifers.  However, in developed areas, water hits impermeable surfaces and is directed into gutters and sewers, picking up chemicals and contaminants along the way.  Stormwater run-off is one of the leading causes of water pollution.2 By collecting stormwater on site or allowing stormwater infiltration, we can prevent the contamination of our fresh water supplies.

One step in protecting our water supplies is to limit water usage. Over the past century, the world water use grew twice as fast as the world population.3  The US alone uses 26 million gallons of water per day.4 To help reduce this usage, greywater that has been recycled from sinks, showers, washing machines or captured from rainwater, can be used in such as irrigation, HVAC cooling towers, and toilet flushing.5

Site design and building components can help to maintain or restore the natural water cycle and prevent pollution of waterways.  The information below offers techniques for stormwater management and reducing unnecessary water use.